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We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our online auction host HIBID. We are attempting to work with their team to resolve this issue. This is a nationwide problem so it may take some time before the Bidder-Sweet Online Auction site is active. We will keep our customers apprised of progress as it develops.  Thank you for being patient!


October 1st, 2021

7:03 am - First learned that online auction page is not active. Began reaching out to HiBid representatives - phone attempts were met with "Call cannot be completed at the calls party is temporarily unavailable." Emails were immediately sent.

9:20 am - Attempted to call HiBid representatives - same result as above.

9:53 am - Attempted to call HiBid representatives - same result as above.

12:10 pm - Attempted to call HiBid representatives - same result as above.

12:11 pm - Contacted other Auction companies that utilize HiBid for their online auction services to see if they have been able to make contact with company. Response unanimous - they are getting the same results as Bidder Sweet Auction.

2:20 pm - Tried to reach out to HiBid representatives via Facebook Page. Many Auction Companies are experiencing the same problems - no guidance or information being offered by HiBid at this point.

2:44 pm - HiBid responds on their Facebook page and via messanger.


October 2nd, 2021

8:00 am - No further information from HiBid representatives. Rumors abound via their Facebook Page regarding the nature of this outage - many fearing ransomware. Bidder Sweet Auction Company advises it's customers, especially those who registered with HiBid on our online platform to monitor your debit/credit cards for suspicious activity. As mentioned before, we will provide you an update once we get solid information from HiBid.

12:20 pm - The following was sent to us today by Sandhills Global, the parent company of HiBid and Auctionflex, our auction software providers. Unfortunately, they have verified a ransomware attack – so please keep an eye on your debit/credit cards and report it to us or if you see suspicious activity. We will be back up and running as soon as we get verification from Sandhills/HiBid/Auctionflex representatives.

Sandhills Email.JPG

NOTICE: Once we realize what we're dealing with and what the repercussions are, we will make appropriate modifications to our current auction to ensure everyone is able to continue participating in the sale.

Thanks for your Patience!!

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